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A full line-up of trucks and equipment are available to address your needs and we have technicians on call 24/7 who will deal with any emergency.


Columbia Valley Sewer & Drain Ltd. was established in 1999 (formerly Dehart Sewer & Drain Ltd.)  We are locally owned and operated and located in the Invermere area of the Columbia Valley. 

We employ a dependable, reliable, courteous and well trained team of professionals who provide quality service to commercial and residential customers from Canal Flats to Spillamacheen.



(250) 347-9803



8867 Dehart Rd
Invermere, BC, V0A 1K2



M-F 8a–4:30p
Sa-Su closed (24h emergency upon request)

services Overview

A full line-up of trucks and equipment are available to address your needs and we have technicians on call 24/7 who will deal with any emergency.

Services we provide include:

-       Septic Tank Pumping/Cleaning (Pump Chambers, Cisterns, Ponds, Grease Traps)

-       Drain and Pipe Cleaning for showers, tubs, sinks and toilets

-       Pipe thawing with steam

-       High pressure water jetting

-       Camera inspections to locate sewer and plumbing issues (which reduces unnecessary destruction of property to isolate problems)

-       Jet rod/hydro vac service

-       Rooter system

-       Portable Toilet supply and service

-       Portable Hand Wash Stations, doubles and quads

We can be reached by phone at 250-347-9803 and by email at here.  We will resolve your drainage concerns quickly and efficiently. 

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septic tank function and maintenance

How a septic system works

  • Water and sewage (from sink, showers, toilets, etc.) enter the septic tank by a 4” pipe.
  • When the tank fills to the top, the solids collect in the bottom while the liquid runs off the top to the distribution box.
  • The distribution box allows the liquid to run into a system of perforated pipes, evenly spaced, where it drains into the surrounding area through many small holes.

Simple maintenance tips

  • Avoid putting baking oils down drains or into toilets
  • Avoid the overuse of anti-bacterial soaps as it slows down the bacterial action in your tank.
  • Avoid putting women’s hygiene products down the toilet.
  • Avoid using salt in water softeners as it tends to corrode concrete.

Septic tank main

  • Tanks should be pumped every 2 to 3 years.

Why should we pump our septic tank?

  • Avoid costly repairs.  If you wait too long, it could be costly to repair (sewer backup into your home, etc.)
  • It could stop working at the most inconvenient time – in the middle of the winter or an event.
  • Save the environment – a full septic tank could saturate and pollute the surrounding area including creeks, ponds and lakes.
  • Tanks close to the surface can freeze during the winter months if not used regularly.
  • Septic tanks not used regularly also tend to fill quicker as the bacterial action stops working when not used.  (Part time users should have their tanks pumped just as often as full time users)
  • Full tanks could give off a foul smell, affecting the neighbourhood.

Your septic system is designed to last a very long time if maintained properly!

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8867 Dehart Road
Invermere, BC, V0A 1K2


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